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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Davidson a Cinderella?

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the So Con Tourney Final between Davidson and College of Charleston. Here are some useful numbers about the Davidson Wildcats.

4: NCAA Tournament berths by the Wildcats under Bob McKillop

12: Age of Davidson star (and Dell Curry's son) Stephen Curry

29: Wins by Davidson this season

0: Number of seniors on Davidson's team

That ladies and gentlemen is the most important number. The Wildcats could be even better next season.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's Cross Our Fingers And Hope That ........

One Hit Wonder -------- Wake Forest Football Coach, Jim Grobe
Right Said Fred, "I'm Too Sexy" --- Soft Cell, "Tainted Love"

If it wasn't disgusting enough this past year watching Wake Forest win the ACC Football Championship, this article below seriously made me want to throw up all over my keyboard. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that Jim Grobe ends up like Right Said Fred, Soft Cell, and all of the other one-hit-wonders that never made it after their magical year.

Associated Press
RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jim Grobe always said he was happy to be Wake Forest's coach. He's backing that up by signing a contract that could keep him with the Demon Deacons through the end of his career.
Grobe -- The Associated Press Coach of the Year -- signed a 10-year deal Tuesday, keeping him with the school he led to an improbable Atlantic Coast Conference championship last season.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Present To You ...... "The Dick Vitale Drinking Game"

Majority of people are familiar with "drinking games." One that comes to mind immediately is listening to the song "Roxanne," by the Police. Well, thanks to this website, , there is a new drinking game that you can participate in!

#1 - Head Dick
One (1) Head Dick must be selected for the group. The Head Dick should be knowledgeable of the Dick Vitale Universe, ie. Duke, Coach K, and all that is front-runner. The HD (or DH, if you prefer) shall be the final arbiter in all disputes and judgements, and shall be called simply Head Dick.
#2 - Coach K
A) Anytime Dick mentions Coach K or Mike Krzyzewski, the first person to yell "I coach for relationships!" gets a pass, but all others must drink (3) B) If Dick is calling a Duke game, and praises Coach K right after K has clearly dropped an F-bomb on a ref, the Head Dick must take a shot
#3 - Duke
A) Each mention = drink (1) B) "Cameron Crazies/Dukies": first mention = drink (1), second = drink (2), etc. C) "What's not to love about Duke" = drink (3) D) Shameless references to self as "Dukie Vitale" = Head Dick takes a shot
#4 - Carolina
A) First mention = drink (1), second = drink (2), etc. B) At every mention of "Jason Capel" the first to shout "Lottery Pick!" and do that hands-to-the-head thing he does gets their butt kicked, all else drink (1) C) When Dick mentions Doh crying after the Wake game last season, any Carolina fans participating must make a choice: 1) Cut off his mullet and drink (10) OR 2) Keep his mullet, drink a shot, then cry
#5 - Beautiful Wife
Each time Dick mentions his, or anyone's "beautiful wife" all female participants must drink (3)
#6 - Hair
Every time Dick spouts off about someone's hair, such as: "I'm so jealous of Billy Donovan's beautiful hairstyle," or "I'd do anything to have that head of hair (on Tom Izzo)" the baldest person in the room gets to hand out a shot
#7 - Dickisms
All must drink (1) for any Dickisms (Head Dick shall govern):
"Diaper Dandy" "Rolls-Roycer" "PTP'er" "Trifecta (Dick calls it Trifecter)" "3-S's" "Little Davey Odom" and so on.... #8 - My Buddy (or my friend/my guy)
Whenever Dick starts name dropping, ie. "My good friend Bob Knight," or "My buddy Brent Musburger," or "This morning I was talking to A-Rod again," drink (2)

If we played this drinking game while watching Dick Vitale call a Duke bball game at Cameron Indoor .... I think it's safe to say we would all be absolutely smashed by the first official timeout!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #8

Play #8 - A2 recieves a pass from his teammate. A2 starts his dribble but it goes off the foot of defender B2. The ball bounces several feet away where A2 picks the ball up and then starts another dribble. The official rules a double dribble violation on A2. Was the official correct?

Answer: Check The Comment Section

Friday, February 16, 2007

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #7

Play #7 - In the 4th quarter, Team A has 58 points and Team B has 58 points. As A1 dribbles the ball up the court, the time is winding down. 5-4-3-2-1 seconds, with 1 second left on the clock, A1 makes a shot attempt at the basket, before the horn sounds. A1 misses the basket, but was fouled shooting a 2 pointer by B1. After the foul occured, there is no more time on the clock. The referee clears everyone out and A1 reports to the free throw line to shoot 2 free throws. A1 makes the first attempt putting his team ahead 59-58. Question, does the referee administer the 2nd free throw or is the game over?
Answer: Check The Comment Section

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #6

Play #6 - During the 2nd quarter B3 fouls A2 in the act of shooting a two point goal. After the foul has been reported, Team B is huddling with their coach near the bench. The official directs Team B to put a player in each lane space closest to the endline. When they do not respond, the official bounces the ball to the free thrower and indicates a delayed dead ball violation. When A1 misses the 1st free throw, a substitute free throw is awarded. Was the official correct?

Answer: Check The Comment Section

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #5

Play #5 - A1 begins to dribble drive to the basket from in front of the center official. He beats his man B1 and has the ball in the middle of the lane when he collides with B2 who has switched to pick him up. The center and lead officials sound their whistles at the same time, do not hear each other and do not see each other until each has given a preliminary signal. The center official signals a block and the lead offcial has signalled a player control foul (charge). What is the correct procedure?


Answer: Check The Comment Section

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #4

Play #5 - During the 3rd quarter A5 has the ball on a breakaway. A3 is 8-10 feet behind A5. B2 is trailing behind A3. As A5 picks up his dribble to dunk the ball, B2 intentionally pushes A3 in the back knocking him to the floor. A5 continues his attempt and dunks the ball. The official counts the basket, calls an intentional personal foul on B2, awards A3 two free throws and awards Team A the ball out of bounds at the spot nearest the foul. Was the official correct?


Answer: Check The Comment Section

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #3

Play #3 - During the 2nd of two free throws by A1 the ball hits the back of the ring, then the front of the ring and comes to rest on the flange. After a second or two, the officials rule a violation on Team A and award the ball to Team B along the end line. Were the officials correct?


Answer: Check The Comment Section

Monday, February 12, 2007

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #2

Play #2 - During the first quarter A1 dribbles the ball across the division line and into the frontcourt. A1 then attempts an "alley-oop" pass to A2, near the basket. The ball strikes the ring untouched and ricochets directly into the backcourt. A1 hustles into the backcourt and is the first person to touch the ball after it went into the backcourt. The covering official rules a backcourt violation. Is the official correct?
Answer: Check The Comment Section

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Basketball Officials Exam - Question #1

Play #1 - Late in the 4th quarter Team A is trying to advance the ball from backcourt to frontcourt against defensive pressure. A1 attempts to pass the ball to A2 near the division line. B2 attempts to steal the pass. A2 fouls B2 across the neck as the ball bounces off of B2's hands. It is the 10th team foul of the half for Team A. The officials award B2 two free throws. Were the officials correct?


Answer: Check the Comment Section

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Is A Very Interesting New Group On Facebook .....

Feb. 22 v. Duke: BRING A CLOCK!

When Duke comes to Littlejohn on Feb. 22, think about how awesome it would be if the whole student section had clocks. Everyone knows we got hosed at their place. Why not remind the Dukies of their illegitimate win by holding up clocks while they do their warmups? Duke's shooting a freethrow? Hold up your clocks. Not only would it be a great way to get them rattled but it would almost assuredly get the attention of the announcers and bring more exposure to Clemson fans. So dust off those clocks.

Recent News
That Duke game makes me feel like a Durham stripper at a lacrosse party.

Events We're Hosting
Basketball Feb. 22 v. Duke - Thursday, February 22 at 9:00pm

Officers of This Group
James Mays (Clemson)
Mr. And 1
Vernon Hamilton (Clemson)
Only man in the world to score 5 points in half a second.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bet The House That Duke Vitale Will Be Calling Tonight's Game

Listed below are a list of teams and people that Dick Vitale talked about Monday night that had absolutely nothing to do with the Louisville/Connecticut game he was calling:

1. Duke ------ 2. Mike Krzyzewski ----- 3. Duke (1986) ------ 4. Kansas
5. Tennessee ----- 6. Bruce Pearl ---- 7. Chris Lofton ------ 8. Tennessee (Women's)
9. Kentucky ------ 10. Tubby Smith ------ 11. Kentucky (1996) ---- 12. Kentucky (1997)
13. Kentucky (1998) ----- 14. Pittsburgh ----- 15. Marquette ---- 16. St. John's
17. Syracuse ----- 18. Providence ----- 19. New Mexico State ----- 20. Reggie Theus
21. Nevada ------ 25. N.C. State (Women's) ----- 26. Kay Yow ----- 27. Boston University
28. Indianapolis Colts ---- 29. Peyton Manning ---- 30. Louisville football team
31. New York Yankees ----- 32. Villanova ----- 33. Maria Sharapova ---- 34. Oklahoma State
35. Texas ----- 36. Texas Tech ----- 37. Indiana ----- 38. Texas A&M ----- 39. LSU
40. Depaul ----- 41. Dobbins High School ----- 42. Brian Brohm ----- 43. Joe B. Hall
44. Jay Bilas ----- 45. Sean Williams ----- 46. Al Skinner ----- 47. Marlon Garcia
48. Frank Sinatra ----- 49. Illinois -----50. Lou Carnesecca

There are 50 more people/teams that he mentioned as well that I did not list. Will someone tell this guy to please, please, please just call the game???

Friday, January 19, 2007

Does This Guy Really Think That He's ........

The above picture of the myspace page belongs to retired Clemson football player Carol Gaddis. Somehow I came across this and unfortunately gave in to the supernatural myspace powers and click on his profile. As you can see in the top right hand corner the title of his page says "Dear Mr. Toilet, I'm Da $hit!" If you scroll down below on his page, a 20 second video will play from the BC @ Clemson game 2 seasons ago when Carol Gaddis picked off a pass. That may have been his only interception in that entire year, I dunno! Last week Sports Talk Rocks wished Carol Gaddis the best of luck. Even though we came across his disturbing myspace page today, we will still be on his side and hope the best for him, but someone needs to tell him that he def. ain't "da $hit!"

Monday, January 15, 2007

I Don't Know Exactly How To Feel About This ....

About a month ago when I came across this website, I totally agreed and felt compelled to spread the word about Dan Henning. I didn't say to throw Dan Henning under the bus but I did agree with the website and felt like a change needed to be made. As the weeks went on, and the more I thought about it, I began to disagree with myself. I felt like Dan deserved one more year, after all .... he only led the panthers to a super bowl and NFC championship game in a span of 3 years and almost took a TERRIBLE/INJURED offense the other year to the playoffs as well. But looking back at the end of November as seeing stats like the ones below, it's safe to say that I'm not going to lose any sleep over this. We wish you the best Dan!

Total Offense Rank = 24th ______Rushing Offense Rank = 18th

Passing Offense Rank = 19th_____Total Points Scored = 27th

** Even though Dan Henning looks 108 years old, he'll be turning 65 June 21st! Dan was the Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons (1983-1986) and the San Diego Chargers (1989-1991) of the NFL. He was also the head coach of the Boston College Eagles (1994-96).

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ranking the SEC Coaches

1 2 3 4. We lost to Wake Forest by 24.
I got dressed all by myself today.
Recently Reece and I got into a discussion about college coaches and we soon realized how loaded the SEC is with quality coaches. Every coach in the league with the exception of the above pictured gentlemen have a pretty good track record when it comes to coaching em' up, either at their current school or somewhere in the recent past. Now to be fair, both Ed Orgeron and Sylvester Croom stepped into tough situations at their respective universities. And if you believe what you read, Orgeron is a great recruiter so maybe Ole Miss will rise up in the near future. Croom's teams have improved (at least in regard to point differential) every season so maybe the Bulldog faithful have hope too. However, since those two have the least impressive credentials, I'm leaving them out of the discussion. Below the other ten coaches in the SEC are listed alphabetically along with their resumes.

Rich Brooks
22 seasons
Record: 106-141-4 .430
Brooks’ winning percentage is not that good, but he has taken Oregon and Kentucky (two programs that were not exactly elite when he got there) to 5 combined bowl games, going 2-3. He also won a conference title at Oregon in 1994, the schools first conference title in 37 years.
Phillip Fulmer
14.5 seasons
Record: 137-41 .770
Fulmer has had only one losing season in his 14+ seasons in Knoxville. He has won a national title (1998) as well as two conference titles and 4 SEC Eastern Division titles. He has taken the Vols to 14 bowl games going 7-7.
Bobby Johnson
13 seasons
Record: 73-77 .487
Johnson has made the Vanderbilt program competitive. His teams were a combined 6-29 his first three seasons, but have made strides the past two seasons going 5-6 (narrowly missing out on a bowl) and 4-8. Two seasons ago they beat Tennessee for the first time since Reconstruction and this past year they upset Georgia in Athens. Johnson was 58-34 (.630) in 8 seasons at Furman. He won one conference title, made 4 playoff appearances, and participated in the national championship game in his final season (2001).
Urban Meyer
6 seasons
Record: 61-12 .836
Meyer just won the national championship at Florida in only his second year. His teams have never lost more than 3 games in any one season. He has taken his teams to 4 bowl games, never losing a single one. He has 3 conference titles and the first ever BCS bowl appearance by a program outside the BCS leagues.
Les Miles
6 seasons
Record: 50-25 .667
Miles spent 4 years at Oklahoma State rebuilding that program and just finished his second season at LSU maintaining that program’s status as one of college football’s elite. His only losing season was his first in Stillwater. His teams have gone to 5 bowl games, winning 3, and he has an SEC Western Division title.
Houston Nutt
14 seasons
Record: 102-67 .604
Nutt has taken the Razorbacks to 7 bowl games in 9 years, winning two of them, and also taking two SEC Western Division titles. Prior to coming to Fayetteville, he spent 4 seasons at Murray State amassing two playoff appearances. He also spent one year (1997) at Boise State, coaxing the Broncos to a 4-7 record in only their second year of play in Division IA.
Mark Richt
6 seasons
Record: 61-17 .782
Richt has never had a losing season at Georgia nor has he lost more than 4 games in any one season. The Dawgs have gone to 6 bowl games (4-2 record), and have 3 SEC Eastern Division tiles to go along with 2 wins in the SEC Championship Game.
Nick Saban
11 seasons
Record: 91-42-1 .683
Little Nicky has never had a losing season and has coached his teams 9 bowl games where they have posted a 4-5 record. He has 2 SEC Western Division titles and 2 wins in the SEC Championship game. He also won a MAC Championship in his only year at Toledo. Oh and he won it all in 2003.
Steve Spurrier
17 seasons
Record: 157-50 .756
Spurrier has had but one losing season in his career (his first year at Duke). He also won a conference championship at Duke to go along with the 6 he won at Florida. His teams have gone to 14 bowl games winning 8. He also won Florida’s first (and until this season only national title) in 1996.
Tommy Tuberville
12 seasons
Record: 96-49 .662
Tuberville has had just two losing seasons in his 12 years roaming the sidelines at Ole Miss and Auburn. His teams have participated in 8 bowl games, winning 5. He has 2 SEC Western Division titles and one win in the SEC Championship Game. He also had an undefeated season in 2004, but did not get to participate in the BCS title game (Orange Bowl) because there were 3 undefeateds that season. He’s 6-2 against archrival Alabama (including 5 straight wins). And his record since 2000 is 66-23 (.742).
Now, I'm leaving it up to you. Who is the SEC's best coach? Use any definition of coaching you want (getting the best out of what you have, best X's and O's guy, best winning percentage, most wins, best Under Armor commercials, etc.) and let me know how you would rank these 10 gentlemen.

Friday, January 12, 2007

If Duke Loses This Sunday At Miami, Then ......

I know you're thinking there's no possible way that the Duke Blue Devils will be left out of the 2007 NCAA Tournament, but it is most certainly possible. We knew they were in trouble after looking at their cumulative season stats and seeing that out of their 8 players who play the most, 4 are white boys! Some would disagree with me and say that 5 out of 8 play like white boys with the addition of David McClure, but that's neither here or there.

Think about it, if you go ahead and factor in 2 losses to Clemson this year, then Duke is sitting very uncomfortably at 0-4 in the ACC already losing at home to VT and on the road at GT. Man, this coming Sunday's afternoon game at 5:30 in Miami has to have Coach K and the Duke fans extremely nervous! And the the 0-4 record if Clemson takes care of business this year at Cameron Indoor and at Littlejohn Coliseum, doesn't include 2 probable losses to UNC!

Now I know you're saying that Coach K is the man and he'll get Duke to playing like an allworld team very soon but let's be honest, his players aren't that good and if my alma mater (Clemson) loses to these guys, I'm going to be super pissed off. Down below is Duke's remaing ACC schedule. They're 0-2 right now and I feel like Duke HAS to win 3 out of their next 4. It's a tough road night in and night out in the ACC and if Duke loses to Miami this Sunday, then they probably won't finish any better than 7-9 in the ACC which means ....... they go to the NIT!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Even Though It Won't Be Hard Replacing Him .... Sports Talk Rocks Wishes Carol Gaddis The Best!

For a couple of years now, Clemson fans have watched Carol Gaddis come in as a highly talented QB and primetime baseball player, transform into a below average cornerback and average safety. Just like all players, Carol has had high moments and low moments. I'm not 100% sure how the rest of Tiger Nation feels in regards to Carol entering the NFL draft a year early, but I will say I'm extremely happy. I wish him the best and all, and who knows, he may get drafted in the 4th or 5th round but ...... I honestly don't see how he will other than because of "potential." Even I don't see Mel Kiper Jr. making out with Carol Gaddis like MKjr does with all draft prospects.

I had a class with Carol a few years ago when I was still a student at Clemson and he was always a super nice guy so don't take this blog as an insult to him. Think of it more as constructive criticism. As I stated in the title, it won't be hard replacing him but ..... Tiger Nation wishes him the best!
Will Carol Gaddis Ever Make It On A NFL Roster?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So You Lose To Kansas By 16 Points This Past Sunday, And Then 2 Days Later .....

Dave Odom--------------------- Everyone's favorite Don Knotts

Optimism Fuels New Extension - Link

If you're too lazy to read the link to the article above, basically what it's saying is this: Dave Odom has a new deal to coach the USC men’s basketball team, thanks to the promise of incoming players and a boss who understands that this season is a “transitional year.” Odom and the school have agreed to a two-year contract extension that will go through the 2009-10 season. The contract was approved by the executive committee of the USC board of trustees Monday.

Being the Clemson graduate that I am, I normally would make fun and blast this idea, but this time I actually agree with AD Eric Hyman. This is a transitional year with the loss of Balkman and some other mishappenings. I mean really, who are you going to get thats better than Dave Odom? I don't care what Clemson fans or South Carolina fans say about him, he's good. Sports Talk Rocks approves the 2-year contract extension between Dave Odom and the University of South Carolina.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Duane.....We Wish You The Best!